How to Lose Weight with Green Tea

Lose Weight with Green Tea – For people seeking to have an effective food source that will help them lose weight, then introducing a green tea diet to their program would be effective in burning fat. Green tea has been studied numerous times and research shows that they do contain advantages that would help facilitate weight loss and other health benefits. Although these advantages would help people in their goal to lose weight effectively, green tea as a weight loss solution also has some mild side effects brought by the caffeine it contains. However, the good news is that green tea does not have the same amount of caffeine as coffee has so you do not have to worry about it.

Green Tea For Diet

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green tea is from the Camellia sinensis bush together with other types of tea such as black, oolong, and white tea. Among these four types of tea, green tea provides the most help in the body because it retains its antioxidants and healthy properties unlike with other types of teas. The reason is green tea weight loss products undergo a different kind of process that preserves the good characteristics found in the tea. Green tea leaves are only steamed, which allows the tea to preserve epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that is a type of antioxidant, which benefits the body greatly.

Finding Green Tea

Green tea has plenty of varieties but the best ones are found in China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. But because of green tea’s immense popularity especially with its weight loss capabilities, many people from other parts of the world are searching for products to burn fat with green tea in stores. Companies have manufactured their own products advertising green tea and people can see them in supermarkets, grocery stores, or even in herbal shops.

Before buying green tea advertised in the market, people should be wary as it might not be authentic. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of varieties of green tea and not all of them can provide the weight loss solution people are seeking. Some hot water infused teas might not be authentic teas from the Camellia sinensis bush.

How to Lose Weight with Green Tea

Lose Weight with Green Tea
Lose Weight with Green Tea

Studies have shown that green tea effectively helps the body to lose weight as it can aid in the fat burning process. It also helps the body during metabolism so calories can be easily burned within the day. The speeding of the body’s calorie burning process is due to the caffeine that green tea contains and it can help burn more energy compared with drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

Advantages of Consuming Green Tea

Green tea weight loss solution also has other advantages besides its ability to help people shed pounds. Green tea is known to help fight high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay and cardio vascular diseases. It also helps prevent the development of cancer and cancer cells. Green tea leaves is also said to help balance the good and bad cholesterol inside the body, aid the immune system and counter food poisoning. These advantages were noted based on the continuous study of green tea diet and researchers even suggested that regular intake of green tea from five to ten cups every day will yield the above mentioned benefits.

Green Tea’s Taste

In Japan, there is a saying that only grown people can drink tea as it has a different taste that might not appeal to the young ones. So for young people, drinking tea without grimacing from the distinct taste is a sign of maturity. However, sayings and beliefs aside, people can still burn fat with green tea even though its taste might not appeal much to them. One way of making green tea more flavorful is to add sugar, lemon, or even milk to the mixture. It would not affect the antioxidants contained in the tea but it would pose a problem for those who would like to lose weight as sugar and milk will add weight to the body especially if tea is consumed regularly

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