Bitter Orange for Weight Loss, Can Help in Diet Programs ?

Bitter Orange for Weight Loss – Extract of the bitter orange citrus fruit, sometimes called a marmalade orange, or Seville orange, is used for a wide variety of things, including as a weight loss supplement. Both the peel and the extract of the bitter orange are processed, sold, and marketed as a weight loss and dietary supplement. Most occasionally it is not taken on its own, but included as an ingredient in another diet pill or health supplement. The bitter orange fruit originates in the Mediterranean and Asia.

Bitter Orange Extract for Weight Loss
Bitter Orange Extract for Weight Loss

Uses for Bitter Orange

Research has shown that bitter orange supplements can help in weight loss. Bitter orange has some chemical ingredients such as octopamine and synephrine. These chemicals are stimulants and work in almost the same way as ephedra. They work to increase your heart rate and suppress appetite.

Bitter orange has only recently begun to be marketed as a weight loss supplement. Clinical studies have not expressly shown that bitter orange does actually cause weight loss. However, it was reported that participants of the studies showed increased energy levels, metabolic rates, and decreased appetites, which over time would likely lead to weight loss.

People that have used bitter orange in the past have mixed reviews. Some rave about it and say they can’t get enough. The people who say bitter orange worked for them state that they felt amazing energy levels and were not tempted to over eat or snack. These people have lost an average of 5-10 pounds per month by using bitter orange in addition to exercise and diet. Those with negative reviews didn’t like taking bitter orange mostly because of the feeling of being too jittery, like they drank too much coffee.

Where to get Bitter Orange

Bitter orange can be purchased from most health food stores and stores that sell nutritional supplements. Bitter orange comes in various forms. You can buy it as juice, tablets, oils, supplements, capsules, or just buy the fruit itself and eat it. Bitter orange is typically taken orally, but there are also bitter orange oils available. These oils are extremely likely to cause sunburn.

Recommended dosage for bitter fruit depends on which type you buy. All packages of bitter fruit supplements will have detailed instructions on how to take. You should always follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper dosage and that you are using it correctly. It is recommended not to exceed 32 milligrams per day.

Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

Who Should Use It

Bitter orange has not been thoroughly tested, and should only be used on adults. It has never been tested on young adults and children, so the long term effects on them are not known. Bitter orange is appropriate for any man or woman that is wishing to gain energy and that has weight to lose. Bitter orange has been used in both individuals who only have small amounts of weight to lose, and those that are grossly overweight.

Additional Benefits

There are a lot of other reasons bitter orange may be taken besides weight loss. Some of these reasons may be attractive to you if you want to take it for other reasons as well as weight loss. It contains high levels of antioxidants that help take care of organs like the stomach and the uterus.

Bitter orange is said to:

  •  help treat nasal congestion
  • help with heartburn
  • relieve stomach cramps and pains
  • can be used topically to help treat ringworm / athlete’s foot
  • treat constipation, indigestion, and nausea

Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Like anything else, bitter orange supplements have negative side effects and can cause possible adverse reactions. Bitter orange is not FDA approved, and has not been slated as an approved method of weight loss or to be used as any other type of treatment.

One of the main chemical ingredients in the herb is synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant that can cause side effects like increased body temperature, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and abnormal heart rhythms. Anyone that has ever had a history of cardiovascular health problems should not take anything containing bitter orange extract.

The long-term effects of taking bitter orange are not known, nor are the effects of taking bitter orange for an extended period of time. Bitter orange should not be taken by anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding, because it is not known how bitter orange could affect a fetus or infant.

If you are considering taking bitter orange, you should consult with your physician to ensure that bitter orange is right for you, and will not have an adverse reaction to any medications you are currently on.

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