30 Minutes of Exercise is Better than One Hour a Day

Dietingdirection.com – If you’re struggling to lose weight, you may be happy to hear that a study has found 30 minutes of daily exercise to be just as effective as one hour of exercise to help overweight adults shed pounds.

Researchers found men who were moderately overweight who worked out hard enough to start sweating for 30 minutes every day lost 8 pounds on average of a three-month span, compared to an average of six pounds among similar men who worked out for a full hour every day. Both groups of men experienced the same overall decrease in body mass.

Researchers found these results very surprising, and good news for millions struggling with obesity in the United States. One reason 30 minutes might be more effective is the fact that people view it as doable and possible. After completing this minimum thirty minutes, they may also find they have enough energy for more exercise.

30 Minutes of Exercise is Better than One Hour a Day

During the 3-month-long study, researchers watched 60 men who were moderately overweight and wanted to shed pounds. Men were put into the high aerobic or moderately aerobic exercise groups.

The group performing high exercise was told to work out until they started to sweat for a full hour every day. This type of exercise included running and cycling. The other group was told to work out hard enough to sweat for only half-an-hour every day.

Thirteen weeks into the study, researchers were surprised to find that the group performing 30 minutes of physical activity daily had similar or slightly better results than the other group. These men lost two pounds more of body weight on average than the men who exercised for the full hour.

The team also noted that men working out for thirty minutes per day burned more calories than expected according to their exercise regimen. The men working out for one hour every day dropped less weight relative to the energy burned during their activity. It seems the extra time spent working out did not offer additional weight loss in the form of fat loss or body weight.

There are a few reasons for these results. One probable explanation is the men who exercised for 60 minutes a day may have eaten more after working out to compensate for the longer session, thereby losing less weight. The men working out for only 30 minutes may have also discovered they had more energy after this shorter workout, allowing them to remain more active the rest of the day.

If you’re trying to lose weight naturally and safely but don’t have the motivation to exercise for an hour every day, this research shows that only 30 minutes could be just as effective and give you the ability to drop pounds with less effort every day.

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