16 Best Exercises And Workouts for Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Weight Loss – There are tons of exercises for beginners that not only burn calories and fat, but can help tone your body at the same time. Some exercises you don’t even need equipment for and you can do in the comfort of your own home if you aren’t ready to face the gym.

Exercise is not only instrumental at losing weight, but can help your health overall. For example, exercise has been proven to help people suffering from cancer, and can help boost the immune system. You do not have to have a strict workout regimen to lose weight, you just need to keep moving and do it every day.

If you are new to exercising for your health, there are a few things you need to review and consider beforehand. First you need to determine exactly how in shape (or out of it) you are. When you know your limits you will be able to determine which exercises will best fit you and your body as you work on getting it stronger and fit.

Doctors recommend that anyone with medical conditions or over the age of 50 first have a consultation to be sure exercise will be ok for you. No matter your medical situation, you will be able to work out, but exercises will have to be modified to fit you.

After you have determined what type of shape you are in, then you will need to decide on some workout and exercise goals. You should set goals that are realistic and will be possible for you to obtain. If you get out of breath walking up the stairs to your apartment, then a good goal would be to walk those stairs three times a day or to no longer be out of breath walking them after a month.

You could also set goals for how often or how much you will exercise – such as ‘I will exercise five days a week’. Set goals that you know you can work towards and that you definitely will be able to achieve if you put in the effort. If you make a goal that is way out of reach you are more likely to get discouraged and quit working out altogether.

Remember, the main focus is to learn exercises and get in the habit of working out so you can do it for the rest of your life, not just the short term. You want to enjoy yourself and feel accomplished while making your body healthier.

Best Exercises And Workouts for Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Weight Loss
Best Exercises for Weight Loss

1. Warm Up

This is an essential part of any workout or exercise. Through a warm up you will be able to properly prepare your body for the exercise it is about to do. Warm up usually consists of low-intensity body movements and stretches to literally ‘warm up’ the body. Your blood starts pumping and your muscles start to stretch and expand, making it less likely you will have an injury during the exercise.

2. Cardio and Aerobics Cardio and Aerobics

These types of exercises are those that are used to speed up your heart rate, get your blood pumping, and increase your breathing. Cardio and aerobic exercises are usually high-intensity and you exert a lot of energy in a short period of time. Types of cardio and aerobic exercises include dance, running, and swimming.

3. Strength TrainingStrength Training

Also sometimes called weight training or resistance training. These exercises are used to build muscle tone and the strength of your muscles. You will do different exercises and movements to target different muscles of the body. Strength training can use weight machines, free weights, or your own body weight.

4. Stretching Stretching 

It is important to incorporate stretching exercises into almost each daily workout. Stretching loosens up your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which prevents them from being injured and allows you to do more exercises more easily. When your muscles are stretched and loose, you will also see an improvement on how sore you are after each workout.

5. Cooldown

You should do a cooldown period after each workout. This time is used to help get your heart rate and breathing back to normal, and let your body slowly adjust itself after the exercise. If you want to jog for 20 minutes, then you could do 20 minutes jogging, and a 5 minute cooldown, which would be walking for 5 minutes. Basically, you do a less-intensive form of your workout.

6. Push-upsPush-ups

One of the most basic exercises. You should lie face down on the floor with your palms on the floor right below your shoulders. Lift your body with your arms. Push-ups are great because they can be easily modified. As a beginner you should start out on your knees, trying to push yourself up solely by your arms as much as you can. If you need to, you can also use your leg and back muscles, but try to let your arms do most of the work. This is a great strength training exercise for your arms and other muscle groups.

7. Wall SquatWall Squat

To really work out your legs and abs with no equipment, first stand against a wall. Slowly squat down until you are in a sitting (or as close as you can get) position. Hold for 30 seconds, take a 30 second break, and repeat 3-5 times. This burns calories and strengthens your muscles.

8. TreadmillTreadmill

Really get your heart pumping and get some great cardio in with a treadmill. As a beginner you should start with a speed that is only a little over your comfort level. You never want to be comfortable exercising, you should always be a little out of your comfort zone. You should walk at least 30 minutes. If you aren’t sweating and breathing heavy after 30 minutes, you should increase your speed next time. Try finding a treadmill with an incline for added intensity.

9. EllipticalElliptical

This machine is one of the most popular pieces to have in the home. An elliptical is absolutely zero impact and is perfect for beginners or anyone with joint or bone problems or pain. You should start at a low-intensity and go for at least 30 minutes and longer if you can. An elliptical is perfect for cardiovascular health and burning lots of calories.

10. Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

If you don’t have a pool, you should get one. Swimming is one of the best exercises for beginners that is practically zero-impact. Not only can you just swim in the pool, but you can walk, speedwalk, do squats, and even do lunges. You will burn calories without feeling like you are burning.

11. DVDs and VideosDVDs and Videos

Workout videos are a beginner’s best friend. You get great instruction as well as information on how to modify each workout if you need to. You can go at your own pace, making sure to exert yourself as much as you can. Workout videos can be found on almost any topic at almost any major retailer. You can also find these online and on the video subscription service Netflix.

12. GamesGames

The beauty about today’s technology is that we don’t have to go to a gym and be embarrassed that we haven’t worked out in 5 years. There are video game consoles out today that offer various video games that are workouts. So you can have tons of fun while working out, tracking your progress, and even competing against family and friends.

13. Personal TrainePersonal Trainer gym

First off, if you decide to take the plunge and go to the gym, give yourself a pat on the back. Many beginners are ashamed that they have let themselves go, so they avoid the gym at all cost. Once you get out of your head, though, you’ll realize they have seen it all before and really only want to help you.

If you are able, get a personal trainer. Not only do you have to put absolutely zero thought into what workouts you will do, your trainer will have your body looking its best in no time. Your trainer will know which specific exercises will be best for your body, how long you should do them, and they will push you to do your best.

14. Weight LiftingWeight Lifting

Lifting weights is for men and women, so everyone should lift. No matter your sex, you should start at a small weight that you are comfortable with. Weight training will build up your muscle tone while burning the fat that lies above them.

15. KettlebellKettlebell

You should never do kettlebell exercises on your own as a beginner. Almost every gym has kettlebells that you can use. These can be swung around, lifted up and down over your head, and you can hold them to squat with. It is important to have someone close by until you are comfortable using a kettlebell as they are heavy and could cause injury if you aren’t used to them.

16. Rowing MachineRowing Machine

Most gyms have rowing machines. These amazing pieces of equipment are easy to use for all levels, but can give even pro athletes a great workout. You should incorporate a rowing machine into your workout for great burn and muscle building.

As you can see there are numerous options for beginners when it comes to exercise. There is no excuse for not exercising, no matter how out of shape you are. Even if you cannot do any of the exercises listed, you can do a modified version of them. Even sitting in a chair and putting one leg up after the other is considered exercise and will lead you on the way to getting healthy. No more excuses!

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