14 Ways Get Six Pack Abs At Home From a Personal Trainer

Dietingdirection.com – For the past seven years I have worked with men and women of all ages as a personal fitness trainer. No matter the age or gender of my clients, they all want to know the secrets to toning their stomachs and getting a perfect six pack of abs. I worked for years trying to find the right combination of diet and exercise to help my clients achieve their ideal bodies and lead them to rock hard abs.

When consulting with fellow fitness trainers on our techniques and strategies, we started debating on the easiest way to guide our clients to perfectly toned stomachs and how to bring out their abs without killing them with grueling crunches and situps. One of the trainers brought up a program they had started using recently that was giving amazing results and leaving his clients with perfect six pack abs in a fraction of the time that traditional workouts had ever been able to achieve.

I was intrigued while he told us all about The Truth About Six Pack Abs. I was also really skeptical. It sounded too much like a sales pitch, and I thought he was going to ask me to pull out my credit card at any moment, but he didn’t. He told me to research the program and give it a shot, so I did.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a program that I like to consider revolutionary. This ab strengthening and weight loss program was created by personal trainer and certified nutritionist Mike Geary. Mike found the easiest solution possible for a beautiful toned stomach, and he has shared it with the world. If you want to know how to tone your stomach, keep reading.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a full program that details absolutely everything you need to know about how to tone your stomach.

Ways Get Six Pack Abs At Home From a Personal Trainer
Ways Get Six Pack Abs At Home

What You Get

When you buy The Truth About Six Pack Abs you are not just getting a book that is going to tell you that you need to work out and reduce your caloric intake. This program would not be considered one of the best programs on shaping your abs if it offered the same information you could get from any old personal trainer.

The program is broken down into fourteen different parts that, while a bit long, instructs you in every single aspect on how exactly to tone your stomach and sculpt your abdominal muscles. Thousands of people have purchased and read The Truth About Six Pack Abs, and it is ranked as one of the top abdominal programs available on the internet with good reason.

When you buy The Truth About Six Pack Abs, you are essentially getting a book. This book breaks it down and lets you know the real deal on sculpting your body. Not only do you get this informative guide, you also get three bonuses for free.

Bonus 1 – 5 Free Secret Hard-Body Workout Routines:

An extra added bonus guide that lays out fun exercise games that you can play with your spouse, a workout partner, or alone. These games allow you to workout in a fun and enjoyable way so you are losing weight and toning your stomach at the same time.

Bonus 2 – The Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body:

This bonus goes hand in hand with The Truth About Six Pack Abs. Not only have you been equipped with all of the information in The Truth About Six Pack Abs, but you now are loaded with more information on the best foods to eat that directly help you target the sculpting of your abdominal muscles. You will learn nutritional info on how to tone your stomach, as well as more abdominal toning workouts that you can add to your routine.

Bonus 3 – The Personal Metabolic Rate Calculator:

This little handy guide lets you know the right weight for both men and women as well as how many calories you should be consuming to maintain your weight or to lose weight. All the information you need on calculating calories is included.

14 Ways Get Six Pack Abs From a Personal Trainer

Six Pack Abs From a Personal Trainer
Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs gets right into it with no fluff. When you are reading you are constantly learning new tips and tricks and not re-hashing dozens of things you already knew about toning your abs. Not only does The Truth About Six Pack Abs fill you in on secrets you did not know about how to tone your stomach, but it also breaks down important workout and diet information that is targeted towards not only losing weight, but toning those abs.

Chapter One:

In the first chapter you are going to get a short introduction from Mike Geary himself. He not only gives you information on the importance of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, but he gives you helpful tips and tricks to keep you motivated and things to remember when trying to lose weight, tone your body, or bring out the definition in your abs. This chapter goes over some basic common sense truths about weight loss and exercise, but also reminds you of important tips you may have forgotten.

Be sure to read this section carefully, as it is laying the foundation for the entire book and gives you an overall idea of what the rest of your reading is going to entail.

Chapter Two:

In this chapter Mike is going to let you know all about why relative leanness, or body fat percentage, are important for perfect abs. This chapter is really important so you can get a little of an idea on how your body works as well as the info you will need as you encounter information on body fat throughout the rest of the book. This chapter lets you in on why it is important to know your body fat percentage and how to measure it.

Many personal trainers and fitness instructors do not want you to know all of their secrets, otherwise, why you would need them? But I can tell you that measuring and knowing your body fat percentage is important because it can help you determine the optimal workout regimen for you and your body. Knowing this about your body will help you understand some of your body processes as well as lead you on the right track to the best possible diet and exercise to get a perfectly sculpted abdomen.

Chapter Three:

As of the third chapter you still are not into the actual workouts or diet information. This is why The Truth About Six Pack Abs is unique; it is more of a journey than a program. This chapter deals with your mental state and developing your attitude towards working out and dieting. With a poor attitude, you will not succeed, and Mike Geary is spot-on with including this chapter.

Mike works with you in the third chapter to improve your attitude and increase your motivation for exercising and dieting. There are a few key pointers Mike will cover with you to get you pumped up and dedicated to toning your stomach. They are:

  • Deciding what you want.
  • Having a burning desire to achieve your goals.
  • Setting detailed goals.
  • Seeing yourself achieving your goals.
  • Believing that you can achieve your goals.
  • Put your goals in motion and start doing it now.

The tips you learn in this chapter should follow you throughout the program, and it is a good chapter to revisit from time to time.

Chapter Four:

Finally we are going to get into the importance of diet. Do not think of ‘diet’ as restricting yourself. Instead, think of it as revamping your eating habits and the fuel you give your body, almost like remodeling a house. You are going to learn how the food you eat directly impacts your body’s ability to not only lose weight, but gain muscle. Mike lets you know why sometimes the food you put into your body can be more important in toning your stomach than the workouts you do.

Chapter four is so detailed and really breaks down everything you could possibly need to know about dieting while trying learn how to tone your stomach. This chapter is broken down into another thirteen sections that are going to lead you healthy eating. The sections are:

  1. The Blood Sugar/Insulin Process, Carbs and GI of Food
  2. Why Not to Follow Fad Diets
  3. Eating the Right Fats Can Actually Make You Leaner
  4. Balanced Healthy Eating
  5. Importance of Infrequent Overfeeding
  6. Meal Frequency and the Thermic Effect of Food
  7. Two Hidden Evils in Our Food Supply
  8. The Importance of Dietary Calcium and Dairy for Staying Lean
  9. The Secret Fat Loss Benefit of Teas
  10. Another Metabolism Boosting Food in Your Cabinet
  11. Stubborn Belly Fat and Estrogenic Compounds
  12. Summary of Dietary Strategies
  13. Healthy Balanced Meal Plan Ideas/Examples

Wow. As you can see, you are going to be loaded down with beneficial and amazing information on dieting. As a personal trainer, I can tell you that there are so many pointers in this chapter that are going to excel you into your weight loss and toning that you never would have thought of. There were a few things I had never heard of, and a lot of things my memory was refreshed on that I had forgotten long ago.

One of the best things about this chapter is that Mike really lays it all in front of you. He tells you in simple terms all about the chemistry involved when you introduce food to your body, as well as provides you with samples of healthy meals and gives you loads of ideas of foods to incorporate into your diet.

Chapter Five:

In this chapter of The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Mike is going to tell you about the actual development of your abdominal muscles. The overall premise of this chapter is that Mike believes that focusing only on abdominal workouts is not the best method to toning your stomach. His effective method is to focus on full-body workouts that also exercise your core, so that you are getting an amazing overall burn that is going to tone and melt away fat from all over and not just your midsection.

Mike Geary tells you about how the abdominal muscles work and some basic information on them. When you know your abs and how they work, you can know how to most effectively work them out. You will also learn about the right positions your body should be in for optimizing abdominal workouts. By knowing the right positions, you avoid any undue stress on your body and optimize your toning.

You will learn that it is not important to workout your abs every single day. Instead, you learn about the right frequency you should be working out your abdominals as well as how long.

In chapter five, Mike gives you his recommended abdominal workouts. He doesn’t just give you a list of workouts, but he includes details of how to do each exercise as well as full color photographs. Along with these recommended exercises, you are going to get a list of ‘bad’ exercises. These are exercises that are commonly thought to be good for the abs, but really are not.

Also included in this chapter are various ab training programs that you can try. If you are interested in a full-fledged abdominal training program, then they are included in The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Chapter 6:

This chapter is fairly short and informs you of how to get your metabolic rate up and why it is important when working out. You will learn the right techniques to get your metabolic rate as high as it possibly can go for optimal sculpting results.

Chapter 7:

In this chapter you are going to delve a little deeper into your exercises and workouts and learn about the metabolic effect of training. You are going to review a detailed breakdown of the various exercises in the program and learn why they are effective at toning your abs.

There are three sections that help you further understand your workouts. They are:

  1. Multi Joint vs. Single Joint Exercises
  2. Full Body Training to Get Lean
  3. Quantity of Work Accomplished During Training

Chapter 8:

This is a simple chapter where Mike Geary tells you why it is best to avoid the gym. In Free Weights vs. Machines, he informs you of how much more beneficial free range weights can be in contrast to machines in your home or gym. He also guides you so you know other options that are available opposed to machines.

Chapter 9:

Certain cardio exercises are the most commonly used for losing weight and toning abs. Majority of people think that they are the most effective, but that is not always true. In this chapter Mike is going to tell you why cardio may not have been working for you in the past, and he is going to tell you how to fix it.

Chapter 10:

There can be a lot of confusion when starting or trying to develop a workout routine. Some people just are not aware of the proper amount of time to spend working out or when to do their routine. In this chapter Mike tells you the best time to work out and how long you should do each workout for the best possible results for either weight loss or toning.

Chapter 11:

This chapter wraps up almost everything you have learned in The Truth About Six Pack Abs. You will learn how to combine exercises to make a routine that works, as well as be provided with a list of exercises and how they are best utilized.

Chapter 12:

Chapter twelve keeps it short and sweet, giving you some more tips on weight loss and getting a lean body. These are tips that have not been discussed yet in the book. While most of these tips are common knowledge, they are still extremely important and are ones that could sometimes be easily forgotten.

Chapter 13:

Any and all frequently asked questions about losing body fat and how to tone your stomach are answered in this FAQ section of the book. Mike goes over some commonly asked questions as well as debunks some myths related to losing weight and toning your body, some you may have never thought of.

Chapter 14:

This last and final chapter is not a re-hash of the entire book. Mike keeps it fresh by giving you even more pointers and tips to take with you and add on to what you have learned throughout the entire book.

Positives of the Program and Cost

Get Six Pack Abs
Get Six Pack Abs

So we have went over the entire book and what it entails. A few of the best highlights to The Truth About Six Pack Abs are:

  • Full-body exercises included
  • Detailed meal plans and diet guidelines
  • Easy to understand and start up
  • Full color pictures of workouts
  • Myths about trans fats in our food
  • Certain foods that boost metabolism and burn fat best
  • Easy to implement for both men and women

This program is not only incredible, but it does not cost you two limbs to buy. At around $40, the valuable information you learn with The Truth About Six Pack Abs is well worth the cost. I have implemented this program with dozens of my clients who are all well on their way to either losing weight, or significantly toning up their abdominal muscles.

Not only is The Truth About Six Pack Abs jam-packed with super useful information, it is an all-inclusive guide on how to tone your stomach. If you are looking for perfect abs, then this is the program for you. With dedication and perseverance, you can have a perfect set of six pack abs in no time.

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