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Where To Find Ephedrine For Sale For Weight Loss

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Ephedrine is an ingredient that has been frequently used in weight loss aids because it can help with suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy.

In many places ephedrine has been made illegal to be sold over the counter or to be put into weight loss pills or aids due to its stimulant nature. Ephedrine has been commonly abused and has led to overdoses and deaths when misused. If used correctly and as directed, it can be an effective help to losing weight fast.

Where To Buy

If you are trying to find ephedrine for sale, you are going to have to think outside the box. Pretty much the only place you are going to find ephedrine for sale anymore is in countries that have not yet illegalized it for over the counter use, or by buying it online.

You can still purchase ephedrine and ephedrine-containing weight loss and dietary supplements over the internet. The most popular country where ephedrine is exported from to all over the world is China. In China it is legal to sell and distribute ephedrine and is currently a multi-million dollar industry.


World Class Nutrition

Shop here to legally purchase a wide range of ephedrine-containing products and find ephedrine for sale. World Class Nutrition will ship to almost anywhere in the world, always has excellent sales and discount prices, and is a long-time trusted source for diet, weight loss, and bodybuilding supplements.

Popular ephedra for sale products at World Class Nutrition include:

World Class Nutrition also has pure ephedrine for sale in six count packages.

Ma Huang

Ma Huang is not a place where you can find ephedrine for sale, but is something you can still buy in the United States that contains pure ephedrine.

Ma Huang is a traditional Chinese tea that contains pure ephedrine. You can still buy Ma Huang in some retail stores, steep the tea, and drink it in order to get the same benefits as taking an actual ephedrine-containing pill or weight loss supplement.


Another excellent and trusted website where you can buy ephedra-containing weight loss supplements to help you melt your fat away.

Some popular products sold by Buy-Ephedrine.com include:

  • Zenalean Pro (compare to Xenadrine-RFA)
  • Yellow Storm
  • EPH-25
  • Yellow Bullet

Where It Is Illegal

United States

In 2006 the United States made it a nation-wide ban to market any type of dietary supplements containing ephedrine in the whole country. There are still certain other types of medications and items it is used in, but these are limited and only sold under controlled conditions and are carefully monitored.

United Kingdom

Ephedrine is not a controlled drug in the UK, but is considered a P medication. You can only get it from a pharmacy while a pharmacist is in your presence.


Only sold over the counter in the form of 8 mg pills as a nasal decongestant.

South Africa

Is legal, but only available if you have a prescription.

If you are not able to get your hands on pure ephedrine or find ephedrine for sale, there are still many top-notch weight loss products on the market that you could give a shot.

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