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Using The Bitter Orange Weight Loss Supplement

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Review of: Bitter Orange

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On October 20, 2012
Last modified:April 20, 2013


What is bitter orange?

One fairly popular weight loss supplement known as bitter orange may sound nasty by its name but has the active ingredient Citrus aurantium. This ingredient helps to enhance the metabolic rate leading to weight loss.

Although most physicians do not consider using bitter orange as a weight loss aid, most users insist that no drug is as effective and vigilant in losing weight compared to bitter orange. Bitter orange weight-loss supplement is synthesized from the real herb “bitter orange” which exists in nature as a plant.

Most synthetic weight-loss herbal remedies contain the peel of bitter orange as the active ingredient to enhance the rate of metabolism and to help lose weight. If consumed in a low dosage, it is a slow but steady metabolic weight-loss aid.

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Bitter Orange Supplement


Bitter orange is an herb made from the bitter orange tree. Extracts from bitter orange peel are often found in weight-loss supplements and supplements sold for a variety of health concerns. Bitter orange gained popularity among dieters and weight-loss supplement manufacturers looking for alternatives after the Food and Drug Administration banned the herbal supplement ephedra (ma-huang) because of the health problems it caused.

But bitter orange poses some of the same serious health risks because of its stimulant-like effects. Among the many chemicals in bitter orange are synephrine and octopamine — chemicals similar to those in ephedra. These chemicals may speed up your heart rate and raise your blood pressure. Stroke and heart attack have been reported in some people using bitter orange alone or in combination with other stimulants such as caffeine.


What the Science Says

  • There is not enough scientific evidence to support the use of bitter orange for health purposes.
  • Many herbal weight-loss products now use concentrated extracts of bitter orange peel in place of ephedra. However, bitter orange contains the chemical synephrine, which is similar to the main chemical in ephedra. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned ephedra because it raises blood pressure and is linked to heart attacks and strokes; it is unclear whether bitter orange has similar effects. There is currently little evidence that bitter orange is safer to use than ephedra.


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