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Using the Herbal Supplement Glucomannan for Weight Loss

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Review of: Glucomannan

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On May 21, 2012
Last modified:April 20, 2013


Glucomannan is a pretty weird word that I bet majority of you have never heard of. Glucomannan is slowly increasing in popularity and people are becoming more aware of this ingredient that is starting to be used in dietary supplements and weight loss pills. Glucomannan comes from the root of the Amorphophallus Konjac plant, found in Asia.

What It’s Used For and Does It Work

Glucomannan is most popularly used in weight loss supplements and diet pills, such as Skinny Fiber pills. Glucomannan works by essentially expanding in the stomach to give a sensation of fullness, so you eat less. It has also been used in food products as a thickener due to its expanding ability. The main reason glucomannan is so attractive is its ability to amazingly decrease appetite.

How Glucomannan Works in Your Body

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Where To Buy and How To Use

This dietary fiber can be purchased at most health food or health and nutritions stores. Glucomannan is most commonly sold in pill or tablet form. When purchased there will be clear instructions on the packaging on how to use this product. It is extremely important that the directions are followed precisely to make sure the glucomannan works for you how it is supposed to.

Most adults will need to take between 3-4 grams of glucomannan a day when it is used for weight loss, generally taking about 1 gram, 3 times a day. It is important to remember that you should drink at least 8 ounces of water each time it is taken. The water helps the glucomannan to expand and create fullness in the stomach. If it seems the desired fullness isn’t achieved, you should increase the amount of water you drink with the glucomannan to 10-12 ounces. Dr. Mehmet recommends taking the supplement in capsule form, because it does not start to expand until it hits the stomach.

There have only been a few clinical trials of glucomannan. In those trials, it was shown that there was weight loss results in those that received the product. The average weight loss was between 5-10 pounds in three weeks taking glucomannan. More weight loss can be achieved through proper diet and exercise in conjunction with taking it. (webmd.com)

Who Should Use It

Glucomannan is for any adult who has a need for some assistance in weight loss. It is great for anyone that deals with obsessive eating or over-eating, or anyone that needs to get their calorie intake or snacking habit under control. Glucomannan should not be used by or given to children, since effects on children are not known.

Additional Benefits

There are a wide variety of additional benefits that glucomannan can offer. There have been studies that is has been proven to treat constipation. Glucomannan has been amazingly proven to be beneficial in drastically improving cholesterol levels in patients that were obese. It has also been used by physicians as a supplemental treatment for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Negative Side Effects

Now that I’ve told you all the amazing ways glucomannan can help you, it’s time to discuss the negative side effects. Almost anything has the potential to give you nasty side effects, and glucomannan is no different. First off, glucomannan is not an FDA approved product, and has not been approved as an effective supplement for weight loss since there have not been enough clinical trials using the product. Other possible side effects include:

● Diarrhea and gas

● Lowered blood sugar levels

● Bloating, nausea, abdominal pain

● Esophageal and intestinal blocking

● Malnutrition due to a decreased amount of eating

Due to the swelling nature of the supplement, it is expressly recommended that if you decide to take this product, you should always take with at least 8 ounces of water. Glucomannan should never be taken right before bed, and should not be taken by anyone who currently has, or has a history of, gastrointestinal blockage. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should not try glucomannan, since there are no studies available of the effects it can have on a fetus or infant.

This herbal supplement can be an excellent addition to any weight loss routine or diet. When taken properly, glucomannan can help in decreasing appetite and lead to progress in weight loss. If you are interested in taking this product you should always check with your doctor beforehand to ensure that this is the right product for you.

More detials on here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucomannan

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