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The Hot Latin Diet: Lose Weight With Spicy, Sexy Cuisine

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On September 20, 2012
Last modified:April 20, 2013


Almost anyone that has researched different types of diets has learned that spicy foods have been known to help aid in weight loss. Dr. Manny Alvarez performed studies, which showed that Latin Americans that came to live in the United States were initially slim and at a healthy weight. He recorded that after several years of living in the U.S., they began to become overweight.

Dr. Alvarez knew that in Latin America there is a great pride taken into the cultural food and cuisine and that Latin Americans regularly used the same types of ingredients in their most popular dishes. From his findings he created the Hot Latin Diet based around what he calls seven powerfoods.

Diet and Exercise

The Hot Latin Diet BookThe Hot Latin Diet is overflowing with information to get you on the right track to losing weight while being able to chow down on some delicious Latin inspired dishes and cuisine.

Dr. Alvarez emphasises how fun the Latin culture is and how that directly relates to Latin food. He tries to get you excited about eating Latin inspired food as well as getting healthy and losing weight.

The overall diet focuses on low-carb food choices as well as incorporating different types of spices to your food. With the Hot Latin Diet you will learn to replace ‘bad’ carbs for carbohydrates that have a lower glycemic index like vegetables and whole grains. Within the diet you will be recommended to eat a variety of seafood once a day for lunch. Dr. Alvarez states that if you eat seafood during your lunch you are more likely to eat smaller portions and fill fuller longer.

You will also learn to focus on eating smaller portions and weeding out bad carbs from your diet. The diet is not a low-calorie diet, but instead wants you to learn how to eat a balanced diet that incorporates all food groups while substituting high-carb foods for low-carb foods. The diet really focuses on trying to eat better fats such as legumes, fish, and avocados.

Dr. Alvarez has included a sample diet/meal plan that details different meals and snacks you could enjoy throughout the day. Dr. Alvarez recommends eating six times a day, three meals and three snacks. The meals in this plan have been specially created by a certified nutritionist and are not only healthy, but tasteful.

The diet encourages a high consumption of fruits and veggies as well as fatty acids and proteins. With this diet you can expect to make dramatic changes to your current eating habits, but will also see fast fat loss.

The Hot Latin Diet does not place much emphasis on exercise, but does state that you should exercise for better overall health and faster weight loss. There are no specific exercises or workouts that are required with this diet, and you could do any type of exercise you wish. You should do exercises that help burn calories.

The Seven Powerfoods

In the Hot Latin Diet you will learn all about what Dr. Alvarez says are the seven Latin powerfoods. He states that these powerfoods can speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat faster as well as remove toxins from your body and provide you with numerous antioxidants. These powerfoods are used in various recipes to help you feel satisfied sooner and prevent you from overeating.

  • Cilantro has antibiotic effects that are good for your health. It also helps to remove toxins such as metals from your body.
  • Garlic can help to lower your cholesterol, block sugar and fat absorption in the body, and boost your immunity levels.
  • Avocado helps promote healthy cholesterol levels and is a healthy fat.
  • Tomatillos contain various vitamins such as vitamin C, A, and folic acid. These vitamins are natural antioxidants, which help flush toxins from your body and promote overall health. These naturally are healthier than tomatoes.
  • Chile is used in many diets for its ability to speed up your metabolism and reduce your appetite. Chile as an ingredient helps you feel satisfied sooner, leading to less caloric intake. Chile also helps with your health by boosting the immune system and aiding in digestion.
  • Cinnamon helps lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood glucose levels.
  • Garbanzo beans are a healthy carb that rate low on the glycemic index. They also have a high fiber content to aid in digestion and help you feel full sooner and for longer.

Overall the Hot Latin Diet is a well-detailed and comprehensive plan to help you lose weight while enjoying great tasting food. The Hot Latin Diet is not only healthy, but fun.

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