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Natrol Acai Berry Diet: How Effective Is It?

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On April 16, 2013
Last modified:April 20, 2013


One of the first slimming products to combine the power of acai berry and green tea, Natrol Acai Berry diet promises weight loss of up to 20 pounds in just 10 weeks. Who doesn’t want that, right? Although it sounds too good to be true, many dieters from all over the world have gotten into the hype. Like many of those who desire to have better physique, you’re wondering too, is this really effective?

First, we look at what the diet does. Natrol Acai Berry diet is powered by a Metabolic Activator, a blend of four herbal caffeine sources that can work wonders in revving up the metabolism. Metabolism is the “engine” that runs the process of calorie burning. Along with that, caffeine also increases energy and mental alertness.

Natrol LogoNatrol Acai Berry DietThe diet doesn’t only come with a calorie-reducing menu plan, but also with a strict physical workout program. The increase in energy and mental alertness, and the enhanced calorie burning function of the body all help make exercise more effective in dropping unwanted pounds.

Now although regular exercise is vital for good health, we all know that it can also generate harmful free radicals that cause oxidative stress. But that’s what acai and green tea are for. Manufacturers designed this product to have powerful antioxidant activities to neutralize free radical damage.

Acai, a wild fruit that comes from Brazilian rainforests, is known for having a high oxygen-radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) value, a good measure of antioxidant capacity. It contributes polyphenols while green tea extract supplies ECGG, both of which are active antioxidant compounds.

The diet product also contains chromium, which aids in better fat metabolism, and Berry Digest, an enzyme that supports digestion.

The product does sound promising, and the ingredients proven helpful in your quest to slim down. But of course, there’s the need to look at the other side of the story. While there have been numerous positive reviews on the product, some users say that it’s not as effective as it claims to be. Manufacturers counter that in order for people to achieve the 20-pound loss in 10 weeks, they have to follow the strict diet and exercise program.

Natrol Acai Berry Ingredients

Natrol Acai Ingredients

More at http://natrolacaiberry.com/ and http://www.natrol.com/.

Experts, meanwhile, are wary about the product’s high levels of caffeine. Though it does stimulate mental alertness and increase energy, caffeine can be addictive, and is also known to have some harmful effects on the nervous system. Excessive caffeine can cause sleeping difficulties, rapid heart rate, irritability and nervousness.

As with any other diet product, it’s a must to consult a doctor prior to use. It’s also a must to get medical advice if you have any other medical condition or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Many slimming products similar to Natrol Acai Berry Diet are available in the market today. Apart from finding out what ingredients this supplement contains, it also helps to read a lot of user reviews online.

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