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How Bowtrol Ingredients Can Help Lose Unwanted Pounds

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Review of: Bowtrol

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On February 11, 2013
Last modified:March 15, 2013


Many diet products of the past and present contain elements that are unfamiliar to the average consumer.  The Bowtrol ingredients are natural and have minimal side effects which make weight loss easier.

Cascara sagrada – This has been a part of Native American medicine for years and it helps to aid in digestive functions.

Flaxseeds – According to the  website, ground flaxseeds offer many health benefits.  For one, it contains Omega-3 which helps to sustain heart health.  Also, it contains the amount of fiber needed for a functional digestive system.  Studies have also proven that it can help to lower cholesterol levels.

Garlic – Many scientific studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this herb.  It helps to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and can help to prevent many forms of cancer.

Peppermint – Not only used for tea and sweet treats but contains a number of mineral and vitamins like A and C.  It aids in digestion, boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation.

Senna – This leaf not only aids in weight loss but has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to aid in digestion.

Many of these have scientific evidence of being safe for human consumption and some of these are a part of the foods that many consumers eat on a daily basis.  By following the manufacturer’s instructions, these can also help to prevent or treat chronic ailments like high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol.

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