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Eating Early in The Day to Lose Weight

It has been said that those who are on a diet should not eat too many calories late in the day and now, there’s a new study to prove this. This study states that those who eat more food earlier compared to those who eat at later times lose more weight. This goes with the […]

Lose Weight With Nuphedragen’s Unique Approach

Update: Nuphedragen has been discontinued. Hitting a weight loss plateau or not knowing where to start as a beginner is one of the most aggravating feelings. You may feel discouraged and let down, which is why a lot of people turn to weight loss supplements and diet pills. If you are looking for a weight […]

Lose Weight Using Lipase Inhibitors Like Orlistat?

Lipase inhibitors represent a specific type of medication that is used for long term weight reduction in patients that have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or more.  These drugs can also be used to reduce weight in people that have other conditions associated with obesity, like diabetes or hypertension. The most commonly used […]

Obese Children at Increased Risk for Gallstones

A new study by Kaiser Permanente has revealed that obese children and adolescents are at an increased risk for gallstones, which is typically only seen in adults. According to researchers, kids who are overweight have twice the chance of developing gallstone disease compared to kids who have a normal BMI. Children who are moderately obese, […]

Childhood Self-Control Linked with Adult BMI

Most adults understand that self-control is important for portion control and choosing a healthy diet, as well as maintaining a proper weight. A new study has found that skills like self-control and delayed gratification in childhood can affect weight in adulthood. This long-term study, which will be published in the Journal of Pediatrics, found that […]

The Link Between a Mediterranean Diet and Bone Health

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has found that olive oil could be a replacement for milk in a diet that focuses on bone health. Researchers believe olive oil may play an important role in preventing bone disease known as osteoporosis. Still, many experts are not convinced about this claim. […]

People of Average Weight with Belly Fat at Risk of Premature Mortality

New research from the Mayo Clinic has found that people of normal weight with an excessive amount of belly fat are more likely to die prematurely compared to obese people with weight distributed equally around their body. Interestingly, individuals who have a high waist-to-hip ratio but a normal BMI seem to be at increased risk […]

Circadian Rhythm and Obesity

A new study recently published in Bioessays suggests that night shift work and the ability to stay up all night to work and play has major consequences for health and weight. Circadian rhythms such as the rhythms of hormone release and the sleep-wake cycle are controlled by a complex molecular clock inside every cell of […]

New Study Offers Insight Into Obesity and Diabetes

A new study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, has found that obesity and diabetes together are not as dangerous as previously believed. Researchers analyzed a number of previous studies and found that obese and overweight individuals diagnosed with diabetes live longer, on average, than leaner individuals diagnosed with the […]

Possible Link Between High-Carb Diet and Breast Cancer

A recent European study has found that older women on a diet rich in sweet and starchy carbs may have a higher risk for a deadly yet less common type of breast cancer. These findings came after a large study of almost 335,000 women throughout Europe. The study does not prove that sweet foods and […]