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Quicktrim Extreme Burn Reviews

Many people are talking and asking about Quicktrim Extreme Burn Reviews and whether to believe them or not. To sum up, there are a little too many ingredients within the product, and many of the ingredients are not even related to weight loss. I believe this is another formula intended to look good and not […]

Weight Loss Supplement HoodiaTherm

HoodiaTherm is a weight loss supplement that is marketed as being a fat burner / appetite suppressant and is manufactured by United Healthcare Labs. UHL has been in business for over 10 years and is a well-known player in the supplement market. HoodiaTherm comes in the form of a caplet. HoodiaTherm claims to have the […]

Carb Intercept Sprinkles: Carb Controlling ‘Sprinkles’ For Weight Loss

Carb Intercept Sprinkles are a diet aid intended to help you lose weight. Carb Intercept Sprinkles are manufactured and distributed by Natrol. Carb Intercept Sprinkles come in the form of packets that contain ‘sprinkles’ of the supplement. These are intended to be sprinkled on carbs before you eat them. How Carb Intercept Sprinkles Claims to […]

Does Apidexin Really Work? How Apidexin Capsules Can Help

Apidexin is a powerful weight loss supplement that has a proprietary blend of active ingredients. The power of Apidexin lies in its ingredients, most of which have been proven or are well-known to contribute to weight loss in one way or another. You can read below for information about Apidexin, but this product is no […]

Losing Weight Using Chitosan Supplements?

Chitosan is a type of fiber with an aminopolysaccharidic structure (which means it is a combination of sugar and protein), that supposedly has the ability to bind the fatty acids from your diet and produce weight loss. Due to this there is a wide variety of chitosan based supplements available as over-the-counter medications that can […]

FTC Files Charges Against Ab Circle Pro Makers

If you’ve ever watched late-night television, you’ve probably seen ads for the Ab Circle Pro. This exercise device has been advertised as a weight loss aid that claims a three-minute workout with the device is as effective as an abdominal workout lasting half-an-hour. It’s this very claim that has caused the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) […]

Skechers Settlement Reached Over Weight Loss Claims

A federal judge has just approved a large $40 million settlement between Skechers and United States consumers who purchased many of the company’s toning shoes. The settlement is over ads from Skechers which made unfounded and unproven claims that the shoes could help people strengthen muscles and lose excess weight. It’s not known yet how […]

Acai Berry Testimonials Believable?

Supporters of Acai Berry say their praises A lot has been said about the wonders of the Acai berry and the same has been said about the products that are created from them. Ever since the fruit and the products has been introduced into the market, it has since made a huge following where some […]

Are Reviews on Acai Berry Real?

What to Look For When Purchasing Acai Berry Products A little known fruit called Acai Berry has been found in the Amazon and has now captured the world’s attention. Thought to be a wonder fruit, it has been part of the Brazilian diet for thousands of years and has now captured the interest of everyone […]