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Preserve your Fresh Herbs in the Freezer

We all love herbs. They are the cornerstone of cooking and turn everything we make into a delight. But there is one major problem. If you don’t grow your own, then you can be losing a huge amount of money which we would rather prevent. Fair enough, you might be good at keeping them in […]

Support Digestive Health with Metamucil Colon Cleanse

We have had more questions on Metamucil Colon Cleanse as a fiber supplement designed to aid in the cleansing of your digestive system, particularly the colon. This is NOT recommended for weight loss. It has its uses which are very beneficial, but DO NOT use it as your weight loss trick. If you want to […]

Can Natural Diuretics Reduce Water Retention And Help With Weight Loss?

Water is the most abundant or common component of our body. It may appear surprising to you, but more than 70% of our body has water as its major constituent. In simple words, your weight has a large portion and contribution of water in it. Most physicians believe that by losing water weight, you can […]

How You Can Use Laxatives To Aid In Weight Loss

Generally laxatives are marketed and recommended for anyone suffering from digestive disorders such as chronic constipation or even just occasional constipation. However, they can also be used to help you lose weight. If you decide to use laxatives to help you lose weight, you should remember that you have to use them responsibly as overuse […]

Binge Eating – A Growing Problem for Adult Women

Binge eating is commonly thought of as being connected to the eating disorder of bulimia.  In fact, binge eating is an eating disorder in and of itself and has become a serious health concern for many adults, particularly women.  Simply put, binge eating is a cycle where a person routinely eats an excessive amount of […]

Can Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

Most pregnant women worry about losing weight after the baby arrives and fear they won’t be able to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Fortunately, a great deal of research has shown that breastfeeding aids in weight loss, adding it to the many benefits women enjoy by choosing to breastfeed their child. Exclusive breastfeeding can burn […]

Early Use of Antibiotics Linked with Childhood Obesity

A surprising new study finds that babies treated with antibiotics may be predisposed to childhood obesity later in life. This study, conducted by teams at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service as well as researchers at NYU School of Medicine, looked at nearly 10,000 kids, finding that children with a higher-than-normal weight were also […]

The Fundamentals You May Have Forgotten About Losing Weight

Regardless of what you may think you know about weight loss and dieting, there are key underlying essentials that you should know. You should memorize these basic weight loss and dieting rules and try to implement them into your daily life and routine. By following these elementary behaviors, you will be well on your way […]

Weight Training Cuts Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Men

A new study has found that weight training can lower men’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study involved over 32,000 individuals and determined that lifting weights for a minimum of 2 and a half hours each week resulted in a 34% less chance of developing the disease, which can lead to heart disease, […]

Post-Menopause Weight Loss Difficult

A new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has found that long-term weight loss is very difficult for post-menopausal women for a variety of reasons. Because women naturally use less energy after menopause, behavior that worked when they were younger becomes ineffective in the long-term. There have actually been […]