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Carb Intercept Sprinkles: Carb Controlling ‘Sprinkles’ For Weight Loss

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On December 8, 2012
Last modified:April 20, 2013


Carb Intercept Sprinkles are a diet aid intended to help you lose weight. Carb Intercept Sprinkles are manufactured and distributed by Natrol.

Carb Intercept Sprinkles come in the form of packets that contain ‘sprinkles’ of the supplement. These are intended to be sprinkled on carbs before you eat them.

How Carb Intercept Sprinkles Claims to Help You Lose Weight

Carb Intercept SprinklesCarb Intercept Sprinkles makes the claim that it will help you lose weight by controlling the carbs that you are ingesting. The only ingredient found in Carb Intercept Sprinkles is ‘Phase-2 Carb Controller‘, which is a proprietary blend of kidney bean extract and fiber. Each individual packet contains 1000mg of Phase-2 Carb Controller.

Since it is a proprietary blend and the exact measurements of each element of Phase-2 Carb Controller is not detailed, it is impossible to know exactly how much of what you are getting. There could be hidden ingredients in Carb Intercept Sprinkles as well.

Apparently Carb Intercept Sprinkles is supposed to block the carbs you eat from breaking down into simple sugars and absorbing into your body. Carb Intercept Sprinkles does this by blocking the enzyme that breaks down the carbs.

How to Use Carb Intercept Sprinkles

Carb Intercept Sprinkles are free of flavor and odor, so you can use them on any starch or carbohydrate containing food that you eat. You should sprinkle an entire packet on each meal that you eat which contains starches or carbohydrates.

You should not have more than three packets per day.

Does Carb Intercept Sprinkles Really Work?

Stumblepeach (How I met Rachel Barker)The truth is that it is highly unlikely that Carb Intercept Sprinkles really does work.

Carb Intercept Sprinkles have also gotten horrible reviews around the internet from almost all legitimate retailers that were selling the product. Majority of the reviews stated that Carb Intercept Sprinkles did not work at all, and some people even said that they experience bad side effects, most notably painful abdominal cramps.

Another hint that Carb Intercept Sprinkles is not a stellar product is that it has been pulled and discontinued from most websites and legitimate retailers that were selling it at one point. Amazon as well as VitaCost no longer sell Carb Intercept Sprinkles.

So don’t be fooled into buying Carb Intercept Sprinkles, when the truth is you probably are not going to get the results it promises, and you would be better off throwing money in the wind.

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