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Burn Fat and Lose Weight With Coconut Oil

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Review of: Coconut Oil

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On May 21, 2012
Last modified:April 20, 2013


Coconut oil is something I would wager many people haven’t considered when thinking of possible weight loss supplements. Coconut oil is an all natural supplement to weight loss that has been proven to aid in weight loss.

Coconut oil comes from the tropical vegetable. It is made from the dried up nut of the coconut palm tree. It is pretty high in saturated fatty acid, and has a total of 117 calories per tablespoon.

The oil has a lot of health benefits, with the most exciting being assisting in losing weight. Coconut oil helps you to lose weight because of its make-up. Coconut oil is made of medium and short-chain fatty acids, which help in reducing weight. Coconut oil can help you lose weight if you are overweight by increasing your metabolism by taking stress off of the pancreas. By boosting your metabolism, it gives you more energy and helps you burn more calories and fat.

 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Great infographic from http://www.naturalnews.com/Infographic-Benefits-of-Coconut-Oil.html.

It also promotes healthy function of the thyroid. By helping the thyroid, it prevents any thyroid issues that could make it hard for you to lose weight. It also aids in weight loss by giving you a feeling of being full, thus supressing the appetite. Coconut oil is also very easy to digest and will not result in any blockages or constipation. While coconut oil is easy to digest and digests smoothly, it does slow down digestion. By slowing down digestion, it gives the feeling of being full for longer.

Clinical medical trials have shown that users of coconut oil while dieting and exercising lost more weight than those who didn’t use it. Studies also showed that coconut oil was beneficial in the loss of abdominal fat.

So much can be gained from the use of coconut oil. If you decide to use coconut oil for weight loss, you will gain other benefits as well. Some other ways in which coconut oil can help you include:

● lowered cholesterol
● more bone strength
● healthier skin and hair
● heart disease prevention
● increase of immunity levels
● lowered blood pressure
● heightened metabolism

Even More Benefits of Coconut Oil

Weight Loss With Coconut Oil


If you wish to incorporate coconut oil into your diet as a weight loss supplement, there are a lot of different ways to do so. Health and nutrition stores sell coconut oil capsules and drops that can be taken orally. Another way to incorporate coconut oil is by using it in everyday recipes when cooking.

Due to the high fat content in coconut oil, it is recommended that you do not consume more than 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. When starting with coconut oil, you should consume about 1 tablespoon a day, and work your way up to more as your body adjusts to the coconut oil. The most common option is unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil. This type is the best because it maintains all of the natural aspects of the oil and has not been processed.

Coconut oil is all-natural and occurs in nature. Coconut oil is appropriate for users of all ages, men, women, and children. It should not be used in children under 12 without a doctor’s permission. In children over 12, it is preferable if they are given coconut oil in the form of it being incorporated into their food, instead of as a daily supplement. Children 12 and older should not have more than a tablespoon of coconut oil a day, unless approved by a doctor.

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