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A.C.E. Your Weight With Saba

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Review of: Saba ACE

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On May 20, 2012
Last modified:April 22, 2013


Saba is a well known company that is most recognized for its weight loss related products. They offer various products related to health and weight loss, including diet and supplement pills.

One product from Saba that is quickly rising in popularity are their A.C.E. weight loss pills. A.C.E. is an acronym for Appetite Control and Energy, the two things A.C.E. promises to provide. A.C.E. is a weight loss supplement that is made of all natural ingredients. A.C.E. works to help you lose weight by decreasing cravings for food and significantly increasing energy, leading to weight loss.

ACE Appetite Control and Energy

How to Use ACE Pills

When you first start taking A.C.E., it is recommended that you only take one pill a day. You would take a single pill in the morning with a full glass of water, about 30 minutes before breakfast. Once you have taken A.C.E. for a long period of time, or feel like you need to increase your dosage due to a busy schedule or that one pill isn’t cutting it, you can increase the dosage to two pills a day. When two pills are taken a day, you would take one in the morning, and one around lunch time. You never want to take a pill in the evening time or you may experience trouble falling asleep at night. When taking A.C.E. you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for optimal results.

How Much Does ACE Cost?

The cost of A.C.E. is slightly higher than other weight loss supplements, and it cannot be purchased in stores. A.C.E. can only be purchased directly from an independent sales consultant. The average cost is around $60 for a one month supply, and $120 for a two month supply. Most independent consultants offer sample packages of 1 or 2 pills for free, or sell 7-day sample packs for interested persons to try. Trying a sample is an excellent way to determine whether or not you would like the pills.

Saba ACE Reviews and Benefits

Ace Your Weight With SABA User experiences with A.C.E. are overall positive, with majority of people that have used A.C.E. reporting high rates of weight loss within the first few months of use. They have reported losing large amounts of weight and a lot of inches with little to no effort on their own part, with A.C.E. doing all the work to keep them eating less and moving more. Since A.C.E. naturally increases energy, they have stated they were up, moving, and exercising without even realizing it. Average weight loss in a week on A.C.E. varies from 2-5 pounds. People that are new to taking A.C.E. and those that are heavier will burn more weight per week, while lighter users will lose less weight.

While A.C.E. is not intended for any other purpose besides weight loss, there have been a lot of reports from people that have used it of other benefits to the supplement. One benefit people have reported is that the supplement decrease their cravings for cigarettes, and some have been able to quit smoking while taking the pills. Another amazing advantage that has been mentioned is that some people that were on blood pressure medications were able to be taken off of their medications after a short period of time of being on A.C.E. and losing weight. People have also said they suffered less headaches, back pain and Fibromyalgia pain while on A.C.E.

Possible  ACE Side Effects

Though A.C.E. is packed full of all natural ingredients and various vitamins and minerals, it can still have side effects like any other weight loss supplement. Common side effects reported from A.C.E. include headaches, high blood pressure, nervousness, jitters, nausea, diarrhea, and gas. Individuals that already suffer from high blood pressure, a heart condition, or a lowered immune system are advised to not take A.C.E. As always, you should always check with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss regime or taking any diet pills.

See more at http://www.sabaforlife.com

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  1. Margaret says:

    When I finish taking ace why is it you just want to eat is there a supplement you take after using Saba ace

    • Hi Margaret

      When you say finish, do you mean literally 30 minutes later you are still hungry? ACE is a one off product. i.e. you shoudnt need to consume other supplements to make it work. How long have you been taking it for?

  2. Ive got to say ACE is amazing! No Im not a distributor, Im just a user. I love it! I started ACE 8 days ago and Ive lost a steady one pound a day when using it daily with my low-calorie diet. ACE literally makes you forget about hunger! It makes a tough diet easy! It also gives you great energy, I love the bursts of energy it provides. It definately gives me the energy I need to power thru the day! LOVVVEEE it!

    • omg i lost 30 lbs in 30 days and have kept if off over a month already. what i love about ace is that i was not hungry and i did not have to cut anything from my diet i took two a day and for one month i worked out about 10 mins three days a week and cut out soda (i had no desire for sugary soda) would rather have a cold bottle of water. i do sell it now bc i have so many people wanting to know what i did and how i did it and how long it took me. i dont do it for the money i do it to get the word out if i can you can too! its so unreal no side effects but just three months ago i hated what i saw now im beach body ready and healthy all the way around. i dont take it any more but im now down 40 lbs and a size 8-9 from 13-15

  3. Hello, My Name is Sonya and I am an Independent Distributor/Senior Associate at SABA / AMS Health Sciences at Saba/AMS Health Science. I have personally been taking ACE for four months now and am currently down 40 pounds since I have started. I do Love my ACE, and am glad that I am able to share this information with whomever may want start. Here are a few things that I pass along to my customers who use ACE. Also the newest rage in weight-loss is paring ACE and AM-300. Saba offers a variety of other weight management, Men’s Prostate Health, Women’s bladder and Hormone Health, Digestive Health, Minerals, Vitamins & Herbal Supplements, Muscle and Joint Health, Immune Defense, Stress Relief and Anti-Aging, Skin and Hair Care products.

    AM-300 is the original weight loss and energy supplement, helps metabolize fat, proteins and carbohydrates through thermogeneisis (elevated body temperature). Used with a regular exercise program. AM-300 can help you lose fat and gain muscles tone.

    ACE Suggestions for use:
    – Take 1-2 a day but never more than 4.
    – Start with just 1 pill for the first few days. Take it 2 hours after breakfast. If you feel you need an extra boost for the evening, take the 2nd pill 4 hours after the first. (You can experiment with the timing.)
    – EVER WONDER HOW MUCH WATER YOU SHOULD DRINK? Here is how you find out:
    1.Weigh yourself and write down your weight _______
    2.Multiply the #of lbs. you weigh by 2/3 (.66667)
    3.The total you get is the number of ounces of water you should drink daily.
    EXAMPLE: If you weigh 150 lbs., 2/3 of that is 100. Therefore you should drink 100 ounces of water daily.
    -Add 12 ounces of water for every 30 min of work out.
    – Always take before 2:00pm or sleep maybe impaired.
    -Eat lean protein (such as fish and chicken), twice as many veggies and stay FAR away from sugary foods and drinks.
    – You must eat to burn fat and stay healthy, so make sure you are getting at least 1200 calories each day.
    – Do not take at the same time as other medications. (Space it out at least an hour.)
    – Take 1 “Skip Day” a week to give your body a rest period

    I hope that the information I have provided is helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in the future about ACE or other Saba products. Have a great productive day!

    Website: http://www.sonyasmith.lovemyace.com
    E-Mail: sonyasmith.sababuilder.com
    Facebook support page: http://www.facebook.com/ReadySetGoACE
    On-line store: http://www.readysetgoace.storenvy.com

    Sonya Smith

  4. my first day on ACE and I am feeling the jitters, shaking, and feeling minorly lightheaded. I followed the instructions to a T and am feeling horrible! I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! Please Helppp!!!

    • Hi Sarah

      That is unusual to hear these kinds of symptoms. As you can see from the other comments, people seem to really like ACE. However, it is important to know that not all supplements work for everybody, hence, why there tends to be an over abundance of options.

      I would recommend you either contact your doctor or write to SABA themselves and for the relevant advice.

    • I am a distributor of ACE and would be happy to answer questions if you contact me. I love my ACE! It makes me sad when I see people posting concerns on here as their distributors should be supporting them and answering these questions for them. It makes me wondering if they are getting ACE from ebay or Amazon. Distributors are not to sell on those sites. Please know that if you buy from those sites you may not be buying the real thing!

      • Thanks Tanna

        For anybody with any questions, you can contact the expert here :)

      • Hi, I was going to become a distributor until I tried it on Monday. I ended up with the worst migraine of my life, puked numerous times, couldn’t see straight, blacked out several times, and that night it started to feel like I had been in an accident and gotten whiplash. It is now 3 days later, and my migraine is gone, I am left with a dull headache and am so sore I can’t move my head or pick my kids up. It is from about an inch under my armpits up to the base of my skull… Intense pain. What can I do to feel better???

        • Wow. Never heard anything like that before. Def to do with the the ACE. I would most certainly recommend you stop taking it and even go see a doctor. That is def out of the normal. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. :( Hope you get better soon.

  5. I love ace i just started yesterday n i have tons of energy n no hunger! I’m hoping to drop 55 lbs! N with ace i believe i can!

  6. I just started ACE today and hope to see some results! I have been very excited about trying ACE out.

    The people I ordered it from don’t answer emails and they sent me my pills all sloppily, plus they didn’t put enough postage on the envelope, so I had to go to the post office to pick it up AND pay the postage due. My friend emailed them asking for information how to become a distributor and she never got any replies. If anyone can help with this, let me know. If these pills work for me, I’d also like to become a distributor.


    • Hi Laura

      There are some comments with contact info above. Please check them out. Sorry to hear you got poor service. Not really ideal when your earning somebody else money. Contact the people above and let me know how you get on.

  7. Thank you Peter! I will certainly get in touch with someone that commented on this page.

  8. I got in touch with Tanna who commented above and she answered right away and was very professional.


    • Hi Laura

      I am glad you got sorted; especially with better customer service. It is a good thing that 1 bad experience didnt put you off for good. Hope all goes well and come back to let us know how you get on.

  9. Christina says:

    I am an ACE Distributor!!! Any questions, concerns, or just need more of the SABA products please contact me by email christinaearly81@gmail.com or by phone 270-929-5594. I am always running small specials and would be happy to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Always FREE SHIPPING in the United States.

  10. If anyone has any questions, check out my customer page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/aceamy/ and see the results for yourself. I also offer free trials, drpurl73@yahoo.com
    40lbs gone and haven’t put it back on.

  11. I just stared using ace today and for some reason I was VERY tired 2 1/2 hours after taking it and slept for 3 hours. I thought it was suppose to give you energy?

    • Hmm. Funny. Maybe a distributor can join in here and provide support, but I would say give it another few days and see how you feel. If you feel the same, I would possibly consider giving up this solution and trying something else.

      Report back in a few days and let us know how you get on.

  12. Teressa says:

    It is it ok to take ACE with other meds? For example, antibiotics if you get sick or a steriod that the doctor prescribes to help fight a sinus infection? Just curious?

    • I dont see why not. What does the packaging say? It isnt necessarily a medication, but a remedy providing ingredients to boost metabolism etc and aid in the weight loss process.

    • Christina Early says:

      Teresa .. the Dr. office usually always wants to know what meds/supplements you are on when you go in each time anyway, so the Dr should be able to tell you if it is ok or not. Personally … I don’t see a problem with antibiotics specifically .. it all just depends on how you feel or what is going on really. I was terribly sick a couple weeks ago and I will never take ACE when I am THAT sick again. That first day I was miserable bc I literally felt too bad to sit up (sickest I have been in a LONG time) but I had taken the ACE that morning anyway. The feeling of energy and needing to get up and go while feeling that sick was misery. Also, I don’t take the ACE with steroids … it is just too much together .. makes me crazy! LOL
      Contact me at christinaearly81@gmail.com or Ph. 270-929-5594 if you have any further questions. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. If I don’t know the answers right off I can get the answer for you. Also, If you’d like look me up on Facebook at Christina Lawless Early. I can add you to our “Wanna Be Losers” Facebook page where you can get any questions answered, get support, tips, and advice.

  13. Does anyone know of someone who sells ACE in Lynchburg or Rustburg Virginia? Thanks

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